Snowbird Auto Transport

Each year, usually beginning in the mid to late fall or early winter, quite a few people that live in colder areas of the country begin to head to the south and Midwest to be able to live in warmer climates. These people are typically referred to as snowbirds because they move to the warmth just as the birds do when they fly south for the winter.

While many just moved to enjoy the warmer temperatures throughout the year, others move due to health issues that require them to be in a warm climate to avoid breathing problems or other health problems that can take hold during the colder weather. Cooler temperatures often mean cold and flu and other illnesses that are more predominant during the fall and winter.

Most snowbirds head to states such as Florida, California, Texas and Arizona while others choose to head off to a location overseas or internationally including Hawaii, the Bahamas, Costa Rica and Mexico.

For many snowbirds, traveling to get to the warmth and sunshine during the colder months is fairly easy to do and is as simple as hopping on a plane and taking a nap while in the air. For others, making arrangements to have a much needed personal car shipped in order to drive is something that must be taken care of ahead of time.

4 U Auto Transport works closely with hundreds of seasonal travelers and snowbirds every month and we can safely arrange to have your car, truck or other motor vehicle shipped safely so it will arrive just in time for you to enjoy when you arrive at your new seasonal home. We can also make arrangements for affordable storage options for your vehicle in every state in the U.S.