Taking Your Car to College

Fall has arrived and it is finally time to head off to college. A road trip from one coast to the other may seem like a fun thing to do to pass some time before starting class, but let’s be realistic, road trips can be expensive and on top of that, dangerous. It will be much easier, as well as safer, to hop on a plane or bus with a bag or two and just have your car shipped to the new college campus.

This way, you arrive safely and your car can be delivered right to your dorm for you to enjoy driving around when you arrive. Shipping your car allows it to be delivered to college without racking up unnecessary mileage and other wear and tear that will cost you maintenance and possibly repair costs. You also will not need to worry about driving when you may be tired and chancing an accident along the way.

Many people worry about the cost to ship a car, but when it is all figured out, the cost to ship can actually be less than driving. When you drive, you have to refuel every few hundred miles. You also need to have things like the oil changed, tires rotated and even tune-ups which can cost quite a bit of money. When you ship, you have one flat rate that will be paid and the car will be safely delivered by the driver.

If you are planning to head to college, or have a child that will be and you want to make sure the car arrives at campus in safe condition with as little expense as possible, be sure to contact an agent with 4 U Auto Transport to get a quote and have the car scheduled for shipment as quickly as possible.

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